Meet a Creator: Philip Theiss

Meet a Creator: Philip Theiss

What do you create?

Philip: I mainly take photos.

A story that sparked my passion for design.

Philip: As I progressed through design I realized the satisfaction that comes from an aesthetically pleasing creation.

How I stay motivated.

Philip: I stay motivated through inspiration. I used to look on Instagram for inspiration, but I noticed I began to feel creatively drained due to the unrealistic standard on social media. As I spent less and less time on the app I began to feel better about my work and I became inspired by my own thoughts.

Advice I’d give to someone who wants to pursue a design path.

Philip: I think design is a very versatile field and it is a vital skill in all areas. An eye for design can be used everywhere from programming to photography and therefore I think design is a great path to pursue.

Follow Philip's amazing work on Instagram: @Philip.theiss

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