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Just Released

Just Released

since 2016
Small business in San Jose CA

I grew up doodling on napkins at every restaurant my parents took me to and at age 6, I began dreaming about creating my own clothing brand. Exhilo is my way of sharing my love of creating things to a world full of creative people.

– Curtis Ying

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😍The craftsmanship really shows!!

Jenny / Graphic Designer

I think this cap was made for me

CJ Cawley Design

As a product designer myself, I have a mad appreciation for sleek design.

Shalica / Product Designer

Love the pen holder in the hat! That's pretty unique!

Angelo / Marketer

Your shirt feels soo quality!

Johann Banta / OK SUPER DAY

I'm loving the bag so much! It's so good!

Steven / UX Designer

The Perfect
Travel Bag

With Unbeatable Features

Pack Your Creativity

Never Stop Creating


Milk Tea Colors

Matcha, Thai, & Taro

We devote ourselves to the details

Personally Packaged

From the intricate detailing of each garment to the thoughtfully designed packaging and branding

High-Quality Materials

Exhilo utilizes premium quality materials to ensure the longevity and comfort of each garment

Clothing Crafted to Last

Expertly crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure that it withstands the test of time

Creativity through Dance