The Story Behind Exhilo

Inspired by the Latin phrase
Creatio Ex Nihilo — which means "Creation from nothing"

Since the age of 6, I’ve dreamt of creating my own brand. I grew up doodling on napkins at every restaurant my parents took me to. I started Exhilo, because of how madly captivated I am with the process of creating something and seeing things come to life!

Image of Curtis, founder of Exhilo holding shirt and camera

Exhilo inspires creators to stay true to their love of creating. Let go of comparisons and find enjoyment in loving what you create! Each piece of Exhilo clothing is unique, limited edition, and created with the utmost care and detail in fabrics and printing.

Exhilo has grown to become a brand that actively collaborates with artists around the world, celebrating their crafts and creating unique collaborative pieces together.

Father and son selling clothing at outdoor event

People usually ask: "Why'd you start your clothing brand?"

My answer: "I've always seen clothing as a silent way of speaking to the world. The fabrics touch our skin and temporarily becomes a part of us. I started Exhilo to allow creators including myself to proudly wear clothing that speaks towards our creative identity."

–Curtis Ying
Creator of Exhilo®

Exhilo Creative Meetups

It started when a friend told Curtis:
“You’re the only other designer I know!”

One of life's biggest needs is belonging in a community. So...what about a community of creatives?

Having met many creative friends while studying design, Curtis began dreaming of ways to bring all these creative friends together in one space.

Creative Meetups was created to bring creatives together to relate, grow, and inspire each other in their creative journeys.

Often, creatives work in isolation, depriving themselves of the support they need. We prioritize community over competition to build a creative safe space.

Exhilo Creative Meetups Discord

If you desire community and believe in community over competition!

Exhilo Creative Meetups Leaders

Curtis Ying - 📢Team Lead

Helping oversee logistics and signoff on the dates and times for creative meetups.

Drae - 🌟Engagement Lead

Helping to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for attendees and making sure that the event runs smoothly.

Jason - 📌Operations Lead

Organizational and thoughtful leader, helping through logistics and proposing location ideas for future meetups.

Madeline - 👋Community Outreach Lead

The friendly face who greets and welcomes new and old faces at events.

Sami - 📅Meeting and Events Lead

Making sure we synchronize on dates, times, and when the core team should have planning or debrief meetings.