Creativity in Dystopia

Creativity in Dystopia

Shift perspectives! ⇽

Creativity has never been harder during this pandemic, however there have been ways I'd like to share that has allowed me to thrive creatively.

Exhilo logo distorted with light reflections

My Artist Statement 

 The glass used in this creative photographic exploration was retrieved from my backseat door of my car that was smashed when I was attending a conference in Oakland.

Using disasters as fuel for creativity.

Things don't look good, and the outlook of the world as we know is shattering like glass. But what should we do in these unprecedented times?

I personally don't think we should worry or be anxious to the compromise of one's health, but I'm trying to empathize with those who feel completely restless. How can I help you? I pray for rest and I pray for peace in your heart and to our country.

I saved the shattered glass for 2 years and finally pulled it out.

On a more positive note, I've never been more creative during this pandemic and political unrest than ever in my life.

How's it done? ⇽

I used a prism like this one

There might be many people who know this method, but if you weren't in the know, you can learn more on how to use this method

Exhilo hat gif with artistic light distortions
Exhilo hat with artistic light distortions
Exhilo hat with artistic light distortions 2
Artistically arranged shattered glass around Exhilo logomark
Shattered glass reflected with light on top of Exhilo logo


I hope this blog post was inspiring to you! Please drop a comment below (:

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